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When using the GetComplied app we use the term project when we talk about your Website, mobile application, portal or any service you need to introduce the GetComplied input form.

With the free plan, you can add up to 3 projects in GetComplied. For more, you need a premium plan, which adapts to the number of contacts you have.

The most common type of projects people use in GetComplied are Websites or online platforms, like E-commerce businesses, blogs, marketing, and more.

Add projects to GetComplied

First of all, you need an account in GetComplied. If you still don’t have one you can do it here.

GetComplied signup form

When on the main panel go to the project section.

Add new project in getcomplied

Click on the “new project” button to add your first project to the app.

Give it a name and click “Create”

project add form

When added you’ll be in the edit panel of the project, where you add your company information.

project edito getcomplied

In this editor, you have 2 major section to fill with important information

  1. Info
  2. Settings

In the 1. info first block you’ll have this fields:

  • Name – Your company name as you registered it
  • Email – Your company email where users can contact the company
  • Company phone number – A phone number that users can call to solve any problem (leave it blank if you don’t have one)
  • Address – Where is your company headquarter

Second block Project domains:

  • Project domain – Project domain is the link or URL to your website (ex.

Third block DPO information:

Note: If you don’t have a DPO you can leave it blank.

  • Name – Your DPO name.
  • Phone number – The DPO contact number
  • Address – DPO headquarter
  • Email – DPO professional email


Do you know if a DPO is needed? Read here


Forth and last block Project information:

  • Terms and Conditions Link – In your website the link to terms and condition
  • Cookie policy – In your website the link to cookies policies
  • Privacy Policy Email – Your email for contacts from users

The 2. Settings section you’ll find:

GetComplied project settings

Project Language:

  • Languages – The languages your project uses.
  • Default project language – The language your project is designed


  • Logo URL – You can copy this URL from your website:
    • Go to your website and locate your company logo.
    • right click over it
    • select copy image address (this may vary depending on your browser)
    • paste what you just copied to this field
  • Head background – the color you want to appear in the form header (must be in Hex format. ex. #FFC1C1)
  • Auto open switch – If you want it to open as your website opens. Turn it off if you want it to keep closed.
  • Continue anyway switch – When this is on the user can visit your website without agreeing on your terms. Turn it off if you only want the user on your website if agree on terms.

Notification – Here you should put your email, so GetComplied notifies you if your website starts using cookies you did not add to the app.

Debug – This is a developer tool just leave it default.

User rights

User rights are on the rights section and should look like this:

user rights switches

The best is to leave them all ON, but you can customize it as you prefer, turning off the ones you want.

This section can be managed later on, on Incidents tab, which you can learn how to do here

Policies and cookies

We have previously covered these topics on the blog.

You can consult them here:

Add policies

Add cookies



Platforms are the third parties technologies your website uses.

For example, if you use google analytics that’s a third-party technology that collects user data and you must inform them of that.

On the platform section just click on add and select the ones you use like the image below:

third-party paltforms


That’s it, you’ve just added your project to GetComplied and are ready to make the form live to achieve consents from users.


If you need help!

We have a youtube channel and other tutorials that might help.

If you still have any doubt about Incidents make sure you contact us either on social media or email

We also have a live chat you can use anytime with this icon on the bottom right corner: crisp getcomplied support

Click it to chat with us anytime.

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