How to add privacy policies in the GDPR software

gdpr privacy policies tutorial

Add privacy policies in GetComplied.

First of all, you need an account in GetComplied. If you still don’t have one you can do it here.

GetComplied signup form

When on the main panel go to the policies section.

add privacy policies to getcomplied

Time to add your policies. Click on the “new” button and you’ll see the editor like bellow.

privacy policy editor details

Now in this panel, you can see the following items:

1. Document – Document is your identifier, the name you give to the file, it’s not the title it’s just a name for you know latter what this is

2. Title – The title is what people we’ll see as the title on your privacy policy when GetComplied pop on your website.

3. Content – Content is the privacy policy itself, the detailed text you use to inform users about your policies. You probably at this point have one written and ready to paste it here. If not check this tips.

Note: Each legal document needs to be edited individually. If you have for example Privacy policies and Terms and condition you need to create two separate files for each.

4. Language – Language is the language or languages you use on your website. To edit multiple languages you have to edit one at a time. (ex. Select English and add the English version, select French and add the French version of the text)

5. Consent is required – This is where you decide if those policies are obligatory for the user to enter the website. If it’s required user need to accept before using your service and you need to turn that option ON, if it’s only an information and it’s not required you can turn it OFF.


When you are done Editing the desired documents you can click on “Save” and “Publish”.

Add policies to the project.

Go to the project section.

Note: If by this step you don’t have your project added yet we recommend you to read this tutorial.

Edit your project in GetComplied

This is what you see in the Edit.

Click on the policies button (1) on the left and you’ll see this.

Add privacy policie to the project

Click on add (2) to select the policies you just created.

select privacy policy

Select the policy, then “add and save”

Add and save privacy policy

Now when all is added you should see your project with the policies added like the one below.

To add more legal documents just repeat the process. You can add as many as you want.

privacy policies addes

That’s it you’ve just added privacy policies to your project and they are ready for your customers to read and agree with them.


Now proceed to add the cookies your website might use, that tutorial you can find here.


If you need help!

We have a youtube channel with video tutorials that might help.

If you still have any doubt about Incidents make sure you contact us either on social media or email

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