Key Benefits of Cybersecurity in 2021

After a challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have increasingly focused on the security of their business. The shift of employees to remote working has also contributed to this increased attention by companies.   

With the increase in the number of data stored, processed, and interconnected between different online systems, the security risk for companies’ data has increased considerably. Today, it’s possible to identify countless types of invasion and data theft that can compromise a business’ strategic positioning. 

Would you like to find out about the top cyberattacks and benefits of cybersecurity to protect your company? Then check out this article! 

Cybersecurity: What is it?  

Cybersecurity provides several benefits for the company, including optimizing the IT team’s operations. This IT area aims to protect computers and servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity protects a company’s digital information such as personal customer data, financial information, e-mail history, network-stored files, passwords, and more. 

What kind of risks does cybersecurity prevent?  

Cybersecurity contributes to the company’s security. It reduces or prevents threats from compromising the integrity of a business’s information and strategies.   

But, after all, what are these threats?  

Nowadays, most users already know that, for example, they should not open attachments in suspicious e-mails. However, threats are not always that easy to identify.  

Below we will present some of the main risks that a company may face. All of them can be managed if the company adopts cybersecurity policies. 

artigo ciberseguranca 04 21 imagem malware


These are software programs that, when installed on a computer, can steal a variety of data. It can also compromise the operation of other systems or monitor the user, recording information such as bank details. 

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Phishing can greatly compromise a company’s security, since there are still countless users who are unaware of this malicious strategy. This is the case of e-mails sent by fake senders, to steal sensitive information, by copying trustworthy sites. 

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A DoS (Denial Of Service) attack attempts to cause an overload to occur on a server or computer so that system resources become unavailable to users. 

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Spoofing occurs when a cybercriminal pretends to be a well-known person or network to access sensitive information, often in search of financial gain. 

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How can you use cybersecurity to protect your company?  

Cybersecurity is essential for companies of all sizes and sectors, as it allows them to keep data protected and systems fully operational, reducing unavailability or risks that compromise business results.  

It’s easier to understand the need to invest in preventive measures, as far as data security is concerned. However, also, cybersecurity brings other benefits. Check them out: 

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Ensures data integrity  

Guaranteeing the integrity of data and ensuring it’s truthful and reliable is a critical advantage of cybersecurity. Can you imagine the risk of making decisions based on data that cannot be validated?  

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Enables effective change management  

Change management is a way to organize all changes made to applications or systems, informing the person responsible for the change and what has been changed. This way, the company has complete control over modifications to its platforms. When any error or threat is identified, it’s also easier to locate or reverse the change that caused it. 

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Optimizes the IT team’s work  

With a cybersecurity strategy, you can reduce many risks. Thus, the IT team doesn’t need to spend as much time monitoring the network. Instead, it can focus its efforts on activities that are more relevant to the company. 

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Provides a competitive advantage  

Every decision a company makes can influence the public’s perception of it. Thus, a company that is committed to the security of its information conveys the idea of reliability. Cybersecurity serves as a competitive advantage, especially if data handling is related to the core business activity. In this case, the assurance that information is secure is even more central to the customer. 

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Enables employees to work securely   

Without the best cybersecurity solutions for your business, your employees are constantly at risk from a potential cyberattack. If your systems, or even individual computers, become infected, it can really hamper productivity and even force computer replacement. 


Cybersecurity is a well-known term, but it’s an area that still has much to be explored by companies. However, you can start by focusing on establishing a security policy that suits your business, educating employees to minimize potential risks, and investing in systems that make it easier to manage your company’s assets. 

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