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GetComplied gdpr Indicents management (User rights)

GetComplied is a platform to manage your projects in what concerns to GDPR and users rights.

It offers features to manage your policies, cookies, compliances, and others.

It also has a feature called “Incidents”, in incidents you can manage your users’ rights, such as:

You can gather in one platform all these requests and make sure they’re requested as fast as possible. GetComplied also notifies every time there is a new incident with each specific user.

How to manage incidents?

First of all, you need an account in GetComplied. If you still don’t have one you can do it here.

When you are logged in in the main panel go to Incidents section

GetComplied manage incidents

When in the Incidents for the first time you’ll see an empty panel, you don’t have any incidents, yet.

GetComplied incident panel

There are two ways you can know you have incidents:

  1. You receive a direct contact from a user on the email provided and add it manually in the add button with all the information provided

user incident manually
2. The user does it in the GetComplied form and you receive an email like the one bellow

GetComplied incidents warn email

Then you go on GetComplied Incident section and the incident should be there like this.

First incident GetComplied

When you get an incident you can:

  1. Solve it yourself
  2. Assign the task to someone on your team
  3. Comment the incident
  4. View the incident and what it concerns
  5. And the history of the user incidents

When you select it after you solve the issue you can mark it as concluded, or if it’s another case, deny it.

Incident status

Solving each situation

When you get an incident, you have to first check what it concerns.

You can check it by clicking on “view” on the incidents section.

GetComplied view incident

In our example, we have “” asking to be forgotten or deleted from our database.

right to be forgotten GDPR

Now it’s time to go on 1. “Contact” section look for the client asking for his rights and delete it.

Right to be forgotten deles GetComplied

2. Delete the contact as requested.


Is it done?

For now, you just fulfilled the user request.

Make sure before delete all the details about the user you notify him about the fulfilling of the request or the user will never be sure you treated his request as ordered.


As said above GetComplied can handle users rights and requests to help you comply with the GDPR in all aspects.

If you still have any doubt about Incidents make sure you contact us either on social media or email

We also have a live chat you can use anytime with this icon on the bottom right corner: crisp getcomplied support

Click it to chat with us anytime.

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