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GetComplied is really easy to use, due to its user-friendly interface always thinking on the customer, you can browse through easily and find everything you need.

Also, we made a video and written tutorials to update, so you never get lost.

  • Quick setup

All you need to do to have GetComplied running is to configure the basics and paste the snippet on between the <head></head> tag and voila GetComplied is up and running.

GetComplied snippet

  • Real-time management

You can manage legal documents, cookies, projects, contacts, submission forms, and incidents as they happen.

If your website has new cookies you didn’t detect, you get notified by email.

A user is requesting his rights, you get an email notification.

New submission form about some job appliance you get notified by email.

GetComplied automates the process, so it’s easy and simple for everyone. All you have to do is check your email!

We made a section just for incidents so you can manage all the incidents.

You can export all the data you have from a user and send it in a file.

You can update or delete their data from the platform.

Assign multiple incidents to your team, comment or check the contact history.

Never miss a user incident again, so they can’t complain about your company.

GetComplied gdpr incidents, user rights management

Did you know, after the GDPR you can only keep a resume for 30 days?

Well easy to forget about that, but not with GetComplied.

It manages your job application for you, deleting the resumes 30 days after they arrive.

Do you want something even better? You can define for how long do you want to keep the resume, it can be days or years, it’s up to you.

Also, we generate your application forms for you with a shareable link.

gdpr submission forms details

GetComplied is not only a simple bar you click on some random button and do nothing.

This is a powerful software with many implementations.

It is the best way to start achieving compliance in the right way.

It let you create legal documents, show detailed cookies, manages user rights properly.

Besides, that is highly customizable to fit your website and has many tools that will help you for sure in the hard work of managing it all.

It covers the most important aspects of the GDPR.

We also have the Dev Docs where you can customize it even more.

Besides all this, we have plugins for WordPress and Joomla (More CMS will be available soon). It’s also super easy to set up as Wix website.

Focus on your business again, GetComplied does the rest for you!

Thumbnail cookie bar GetComplied

Customize GetComplied with your company details, colors, and icon.

Choose how you prefer to show your rights to your customers, either with a full page privacy modal or a small pop-up bar.

All you need to do is turn on or off a switch.

project editor getcomplied

  • ONE platform to manage everything

You can have all the data in only one platform, it can’t be any easier.

  • Prove of consent

Never let the doubt consume you about any consent, GetComplied records user history of consent, so if at a certain day a user consented to join your web list you have the proof.

  • Multiple projects one modal

If all of your projects have the same privacy policies, for example, you can write them one time and integrate on all your projects, or you can use the same snippet code in all your websites.

GetComplied cookie management is free for everyone.

For the other option, you can get them for 8€/month.

If you’re a developer you can benefit from our Dev docs.

You can adapt our software to fit your customers’ needs, there are lots of options where you can begin with.

By the way, we suggest you check the query strings section, really powerful option.

  • Integrations

Integrate GetComplied with the latest CRM’s. Comply with GetComplied and manage the contacts on the CRM. (Working with MailChimp at the moment more to come soon)

Don’t forget to mention it on your terms and add a third party where the data will be stored.

  • Support

Our team is here to support you through the process. Hit us on our email or on our live chat on the right bottom of the page.

We’ll be happy to help

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