How to create submission forms in compliance with GDPR

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Submission forms the new feature at GetComplied!

According to GDPR, the maximum period to keep someone’s resume without the intent of hiring that person is 30 days.

So to help companies comply with this regulation we created Submission forms.

Imagine managing 1000 applications and having to remember to delete every resume within 30 days…

With GetComplied new feature, you don’t have to worry, it’ll manage them for you and automatically delete the rejected applications.

Note: To have access to this feature you’ll need a Pro account.

Getting started

If you’re not familiar with GetComplied, first of all, you need to create an account and get started in GetComplied to better understand what we will discuss further in this tutorial.

Creating Submission forms

Step 1 – Start

When you log into your account, go to Projects (1) and choose the project you want to create the form and then click on the edit button.

Then you’ll see a new option called Forms (2), click on it.

You just have to click on Create (3) to start your new form.

submission forms tutorial

submission forms new form

The image above is the panel you see when start editing the new form.

Note: Remember to always save the progress, or you’ll lose the changes you’ve already made.

On the left side we have the options to customize the form and on the right side is the preview of your form.

Next, we’re exploring the options you can customize to adjust the form to your needs.

Step 2 – Customize your form

The first section is Form Settings and Notification, where you’ll put the basic information as we explain down here:

  1. Form URL – is the link which will make your form available to others. You can also click that link to test your form.
  2. Name – It’s the name of your form for identification purposes, that name will only appear on the form section. Example: Application to the financial department
  3. CV storage duration –  it’s the maximum time CV’s will last until they are permanently deleted. The default value is 30 days because of the GDPR, but you can increase or decrease.
  4. Status – is where you define if you want it Public or Private. So if you put public anyone accessing your website can see the submission form and apply to it. On the private only you can see it.
  5. Email – Put your email here to receive a notification every time someone submits a form so you don’t miss a thing.

sumission forms part 1

Step 3 – Design your form

The next two sections are Design Settings to adapt the form to your website and Title & Description to chose the texts that will go along with the form.

  1. Company logo URL – You can copy this URL from your website:
    • Go to your website and locate your company logo
    • Right click over it
    • Select copy image address (this may vary depending on your browser)
    • Paste what you just copied to this field
  2. Background image URL – An image of your choice, same as the logo, copy the image URL and paste it in the textbox.
  3. Background color – the color you want to appear in the form header (must be in Hex format) Example: #FFC1C1

sub forms text

  1. Language – select the language or languages you use on your website. To edit multiple languages you have to edit one at a time. Example: Select English and add the English version, select French and add the French version of the text.
  2. Title – Is the title you want to appear on the form page. Example: Looking for a financial consultant
  3. Description – Make a description of the functions that the job applicant will perform at the position and what the company offers.
  4. Title Color – the color you want tthe title of the form to appear (must be in Hex format) Example: #FFC1C1
  5. Description color – the color you want tthe description to appear (must be in Hex format) Example: #FFC1C1


Step 4 – Define your message

At this step, you need to define it after the job applicant filled in all the information you’ll send an automatic message or redirect them to another page.

submission form message redirect

  • Message or Redirect URL – This is what will appear when the user submits the form, he can get a message wrote by you or be redirected to another page (past the URL of the page you want).
  • Redirect user to – when you’re editing your form or the form is no longer available you can set a place to redirect a user trying to access the unpublished form(ex you should always put the http:// before the link).


Step 5 – Personal information

In the personal info section, you can choose which data you need in the form and if it’s required or not.

personal info submission form

Note that you need to choose at least one of the fields with the (1) in front to be a valid form.

To manage the fields you want to appear and to be required or not just use the green switches.

Step 6 – Social Media

In Social Media, you can add a field for the applicant to leave their socials media links.

You can also make it required or not depending on your needs.

social media submission form

Step 7 – Professional experience

The Most recent employment has fields related with the last jobs the applicant worked in.

The fields can be all optional, in case the company is looking for someone without experience.

most recent emplyment sub form


Step 8 – Upload

The upload section is where the applicant will be able to upload his resume and a cover letter. All the documents uploaded will be available at your GetComplied account.

When a user sends his resume, the documents are stored in a secure server and automatically deleted after the 30 days are over (or the time period you have chosen above).

There is also an input section, this is where the applicant agrees with the terms and condition, privacy policies and all the policies you have.

After you create one input you can add it here by clicking on the “Add” button.

upload resume and cover letter sub form

Step 9 – It’s done, just save it!

If you did everything correctly you should now “Save” and test your submission form by clicking on the first link on the options section.

Should be a form like the one in the image below.

submissin form final

That’s it, you’ve just created a submission form in compliance with GDPR. Now your company can start receiving applications, managed by your GetComplied account.

Not only manage the time resumes can be available but it also stores the documents in a secure server, where the files are always safe and far from those who might want to steal that information.

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