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GetComplied recently added new features to complement the service and respond to the needs of our clients and market, improving our service!

One of the new features gives you the option to set the privacy modal in your website as a small bar instead of the full screen modal.

getcomplied cookie bar

It gives the user the option to edit their preferences and personalize the bar, making it functional and informative.

It’s really easy to set up and will fit in your website perfectly.

Keep reading to understand how to activate this new feature!

How to do it?

Step 1

Login to your GetComplied account, access to the area that says Projects (1) and then choose the project you want to edit (2).

select project

Step 2

Go to Settings (1) and then switch on the Active bar (2).

settings pop up bar

Step 3

When you activate it, a new panel will appear where you can customize your new bar.

customise bar getcomplied

To personalize your bar you need to fill up the camps as shown above. We give a little explanation below about each camp.

  • Position – You can choose the position where you want the bar to appear at your website, it can be on the top or bottom of the page;
  • Color – You can change the color of the little bar on the left side before the text, always in hex format ex:#254855
  • Language – Select the language that you are writing the description.
    • To edit the language you have to make it separately, choose one language and write the text on that language, then select another language you wish and write the translation.
  • Description – Write the text that you want to appear at the bar on your website
  • Button text – Description you want to appear on the button after the text, example Show me

Example of a personalized bar

In the image below we edited the description and the button text.

You can write what better suits your website/business.

During this process, you can preview the look of the bar on the right panel like in the image below.

preview panel

After you’ve done all the customizations, you can save and refresh your website.

If everything is done correctly you and your visitors should now see only the pop-up bar instead of the modal.


To reverse this process you only need to go back on “Projects”, edit your project, click on  “Settings” and turn off the option “Active bar“.

turn off getcomplied as a bar

Watch the tutorial

If you need help!

We have a youtube channel and other tutorials that might help.

If you still have any doubts about how to become a partner make sure you contact us either on social media or email hello@getcomplied.com

We also have a live chat you can use anytime with this icon on the bottom right corner:

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