The new standard in Compliance

GetComplied the new standard in gdpr compliance

GetComplied history

With the new data protection regulations on the way, most of the companies felt the need for a solution they could implement easily and efficiently.

The contacts collected over the time couldn’t be used because the consent given before GDPR was not updated, and a big state of doubt started.

With that born GetComplied, to fill the market gap and give a fast answer to a growing problem without any suitable response. GDPR laws are not so linear, they have points that make difficult for companies to find the right answer, and with GetComplied they have that answer.

At this moment we operate in over 30 countries, count with over 4.000.000 compliances and this numbers are only growing.

We aim to educate society for what GDPR is and how to be fully compliant with fewer costs and effort. 

GetComplied mission is to provide the most efficient solution to help you comply with the law.

We believe GDPR don’t have to be hard nor have great costs for companies. 

Key Features

GetComplied is the complete toolkit to help you achieve GDPR compliance. We have a set of tools to help your project become compliant with the new laws.

Our team developed this solution always thinking in the customer, that way we value user-friendly layouts and features.

GetComplied integrates with your project in perfection, it’s dynamic, responsive and can be customized with your company logo and colors.

You can have it as a pop-up bar if you prefer.

The key features are:

  • Compliance with all of your projects
  • Every project has independent configurations
  • Create legal documents
  • Over 400 third-party platforms to include in each project
  • Cookie detection for your website
  • Use webhooks to ease the maintenance of your contacts lists.
  • Form inputs for your marketing campaigns
  • Grant users their data and requests.

Developer documentation

If you are a developer we have a dedicated space for you too.

Integrate customized form to your website or your customers, GetComplied is really flexible, can be adjusted the way you find better for each type of online application.

Compatible with the most known CMS (Content Manager System) like WordPress and Joomla or the most know CRM (Client Relationship Management).

Also compatible with website creation tools like Wix.

What you can do with dev docs:


We hope you enjoy this project as much as we enjoy developing it to you. Our goal is to help companies comply with the laws and educate them on this new subject the GDPR. Feel free to contact us at with questions and suggestions.

We also have a live chat you can use, find it on the right bottom. crisp getcomplied support


You can find more about us at GetComplied

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