How to make my WIX website GDPR compliant


Wix is a platform for website creation. It allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

It’s is a very useful tool for those who don’t have big knowledge on web design or the budget to pay someone to do it, in other cases the need for a fast and simple website just to present a project, a person or some product. The templates they offer help saving precious time since you don’t need to design your site, just adjust to your needs and taste. But remember that a good design is key to keep your customers engaged.

If your website is designed with Wix and you still don’t have a GDPR solution, we invite you to try GetComplied, the new standard in compliance. 


Attention: This tutorial only works if you have a premium Wix account otherwise you can’t add external codes.

Start using GetComplied

If you still don’t know how to work with GetComplied check this tutorial that will guide you through the first steps on the platform and show you the essential points to add to your website.

If you prefer we have also a video.


Implement GetComplied code in Wix

On your Wix dashboard, go to “Manage Website

wix manage website

Then click “Tracking and analytics”

wix tracking and analytics

Now click “New Tool” then “Custom”

Add snippet to wix

When you click custom a textbox will appear.

Go to back to GetComplied and copy the code snippet.

getcomplied code snipet

Now just copy the text from GetComplied code to the textbox on Wix and save.

If you go to your page now GetComplied should pop-up and it’s ready to start collecting your customers’ compliances.


And that’s it. This easy now your customers will see your terms, cookies and everything your WIX website need consent to be used compliantly.

If you need help!

We have a youtube channel and other tutorials that might help.

If you still have any doubt about adding Getcomplied to your Wix website make sure you contact us either on social media or by email to

We also have a live chat, feel free to talk with us!

crisp getcomplied support

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