About us

About us GetComplied

This Blog is an outlet created to complement GetComplied’s service.

Here we discuss

  • the GDPR.
  • news related to the GDPR and data protection.

And teach you about

  • the GDPR
  • using GetComplied’s platform on your website, platform or portal.

GetComplied’s history

With the new data protection regulations, most companies felt the need for a solution they could implement easily and efficiently.

With that GetComplied was born, to fill the market gap and give a fast answer to a growing problem without any suitable response. GDPR laws are not so linear, they have certain points that make it difficult for companies to find the right answer, and with GetComplied they have that answer.

Currently, we operate in over 30 countries, with more than 4.000.000 compliances and these numbers are only growing.


We hope you have a great time exploring our blog and service!