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1 Million compliances. Comply with GetComplied!

This week GetComplied achieved the 1.000.000 compliances mark. In our GDPR platform, GetComplied, each compliance represents a singular person who granted the use of his/her data for analysis purposes. Either for marketing research, remarketing, email marketing and so on. GetComplied is what we believe, the new standard in compliance. For those who don’t know, the

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1 million compliances gdpr software GetComplied

The new standard in GDPR Compliance

GetComplied’s history With the new data protection regulations on the way, most companies needed to implement an easy and efficient solution to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The GDPR was about to transform data processing and handling. Users’ data collected over time couldn’t be used anymore, since the consent given before the

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GetComplied the new standard in gdpr compliance