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1 million compliances gdpr software GetComplied

This week GetComplied achieved the 1.000.000 compliances mark.

In our GDPR platform, GetComplied, each compliance represent a singular person who granted the use of his/her data for analysis purposes. Either for marketing research, remarketing, email marketing and so on. GetComplied is what we believe, the new standard in compliance.

For those who don’t know, the GDPR came into force 25th may 2018 and came seriously since fines have been applied to companies.

GetComplied started as a small solution for companies who had no idea how to comply in time with the new laws. And later the GetComplied decided to take a bigger step and open this solution not only for a niche of companies but for everyone having difficulties complying with the laws.

Sometimes this laws can be complex and hard to understand, but we believed differently. We offer the possibility to comply easily and free of costs if your business is small and have no more than 2000 contacts.

But if the numbers you plan are bigger we offer a solution with fair costs too.

The offer

GetComplied is the complete toolkit to apply to your business to comply with the GDPRs, it supplies all the demands of the laws, for example, User rights (Data portability, data rectification, data erasure, and data access). We help you integrate it in an easy way, we have plugins for the most know CMS, like WordPress and Joomla.

Also is compatible with website creation tools like Wix.

Our list of services:

  • Proof of Consent
  • Individual Policies
  • Right to update my data
  • Policy version update
  • Cookie Policy
  • 2-year consent renewal
  • Right to access my data
  • Webhooks
  • Cookie Detection Alert
  • Country of Processement
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Export to excel
  • Third Party Consent
  • Input Forms
  • Validate Legacy Data
  • Personal Data Fields
  • User Info Query Strings
  • CustomID Property
  • Data Attributes as Commands
  • Incidents History Log

Developer documentation:

If you are a developer you can to integrate this solution in your clients website and customize it to supply all your customer needs.

Partner program

Partner program getcomplied money for customers

With our platform, you can now collaborate with us and earn money with it.

You can earn 20% commission on every active customer brought to the platform. The payment is made the month after your refer subscribe to a pro plan (n+1 payment system).

Create an account for free and start getting customers for the 20% commission.

When logged in follow this steps, and you are ready to become a partner!

GetComplied partner program


GetComplied is what we call GDPR as a service and the #1 to comply your business with it.

We have big plans for the application and you can be part of it, grow your business with us. Comply all your lists with one software that manages everything for you.

It’s a really powerful, efficient and flexible way to comply that offer everything you need to start complying today.

Don’t risk any fines or other complains to the Authorities because you didn’t fully comply with the laws and user rights.

We’ll be happy to help you with any doubts you may have, contact us at and visit our website Getcomplied.

We also have a live chat, feel free to talk with us!

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